Policy on Impartiality

It is essential that the virtue of independent certification is maintained, to empower clients to confide in certification frameworks as a method for ‘checking’ providers.

DIMA organisation and its operation are established to safeguard the objectivity and impartiality of its activities.

All auditors must announce any potential or real irreconcilable circumstance when requested to accept an audit task.

The auditor shall report any genuine/potential instance of impartiality threat to the Certification Manager/or office earlier tolerating the task and to proclaim that they have no enthusiasm for the customer (e.g. investor, proprietor or advisor, or has not filled in as an expert for the customer inside the most recent three years).

Additionally, if the auditor has an intrigue (e.g. investor, proprietor or advisor, or has functioned as an expert for the customer inside the most recent three years), at that point the assertion must be noted and announced.  DIMA with participation of the interested parties (ICB) will identify, analyse and document the relationships with related interested parties to determine the potential for conflict of interest, whether they arise from within DIMA organisation or from the activities of the related ICB.

DIMA core activities are from the certification and training services, therefore there shall be no engagement with any consultancy activities.

Where conflicts are identified, appropriate action will be taken.